„Love the process.“

Dare to dream

Dominik Hoang

is a german-born editorial, branded advertising filmmaker with vietnamese roots, who specializes in fashion, beauty and otherwise with a huge love for extremes for music- and car industry as a short form content creator.

Being only 26 and shooting professionally for over 6+ years, Hoang has produced imagery for giants such as G-STAR RAW, SONY Xperia, Mandarin Oriental Munich, Royal Donuts, Lynk Tattoo Art, Strellson among many others.

Located: Tuttlingen & Stuttgart

I dedicate my early years as a kid till college to become a better filmmaker and storyteller.

I didn’t buy a camera and start travelling the world for big brands and get to do all these cool things instantly. I put my damn time in because I wanted and needed it in order to grow.

While in their 20s which was around 33 years ago, mum and dad decided to come as guestworkers from vietnam to germany.

Despite the fact of being this young, without any given experiences nor expectations of life, little did they know about their future, but what they did know back then, was to raise my brother and me, not only to be the most successful person but to always put humility of everything else first.

Thus, it taught us kindness and respect, treating others like the way we want to be treated aswell. So in order to respect their past and struggles back in the days, I’d like to honor them back with a Bachelor’s degree in Online Media and a way bigger vision to pursue my passion to become a great filmmaker and storyteller worldwide.